AYLE 2012

The ASEANpreneurs Work Culture

The ASEANpreneurs work culture is all about hands-on learning. Our flexible and open minded approach towards work galvanises members to take initiatives and take pride in their work. We believe in a bilateral process where learning is not just one way, but instead everyone feeds off each other’s passions.

Our Flagship Events

ASEANpreneurs hosts two major events in the course of a year. ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas is an online entrepreneurial idea competition that focuses on a different aspect of entrepreneurship every year. The other event is the ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange which is a week-long conference that helps connect the youth of ASEAN and propels them to achieve their dreams. This conference is held in a different member state every year to help the delegates get a in depth insight to the sub-continent.

Role – Ambassador

The pivotal role of country ambassadors would be to generate awareness about local and international ASEANpreneurs events. This could be achieved through email blasts via the university channels, youth clubs and forums and Facebook blasts to as large a youth audience as possible. The alternative approach would be more personal whereby the ambassadors leverage on their independent contacts to gain marketing momentum by driven word of mouth. Hence we expect the Ambassadors to be well connected in all such means. Baca lebih lanjut