Analysis of Corporate and Political Leadership During Crisis by Professor Chris Kinsville-Heyne (HULT University Boston)

Public Lecture

Analysis of Corporate and Political Leadership During Crisis

Professor Chris Kinsville-Heyne (HULT University Boston)

Former NATO SpokesmanDSC02751

Wednesday, September 18th 2013

Fadjar Notonagoro Hall

Faculty of Economics and Business

Universitas Airlangga Surabaya

Chris Kinsville-Heyne CV Professor at Hult International Business School United Arab Emirates l Management Consulting




  1. Hult International Business School,
  2. Abu Dhabi Formula 1,
  3. C3i Strategic Solutions




  1. Royal Engineers Association Middle East (Gulf),
  2. Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai,
  3. Royal Engineers Association – Middle East (Gulf)


  1. Royal Military Academy

Chris Kinsville-Heyne  in summary : Former NATO-spokesman. Creative corporate communications expert and dynamic leader with a positive and emphatic approach to building successful teams and achieving targets. Extensive experience in hostile and challenging environments. An excellent planner, trainer, organizer and motivator at all levels with a solid understanding of international processes. Stimulating MBA-level lecturer and award-winning writer. Creater of “The London Bombings: Analysis of the communication in the first 2 hours 37 minutes” and “BP versus Exxon: A comparative analysis.” Broadcaster, Master of Ceremonies, Conference Chairman, Voice Over artist. Specialties:Former NATO spokesman running management consultancy based in Dubai.Focusing on corporate training and development: Media Skills, Crisis Communication & Management, Key Message Development, Negotiation Skills: the 7 Basic Emotions, Press Conference Management He said that people do not have many information to make a decision so we should make a constitution that focused on find out the information in civilization and make fast decision. People should communicate with each other by good way, so if we want to share our idea, we collect our data or information then deliver the idea in good way. DSC02750 We know that if we collect information, we can receive good or bad information. So we must “filter” whether it is good or bad information for us. Especially he as NATO Spokesman. He told us that he get really confused when he want to deliver idea from NATO but he do not really agree with the idea. In order to reach a goal, we should have a team. Team work is important and make quick and right decision as leader is important too. To be efficient leader, accurate, and precise are being a critical person. DSC02755 He said quotes about Leadership :

  1. Produce more Leaders not followers.
  2. Effective Leadership putting first thing first.
  3. The art of Leadership is say no, not yes. it is very easy to say yes
  4. The manager ask how and when, the Leader ask what and why
  5. Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different result

if you want to be an effective leader, you should ask these 15 question to your self before you go bed :

  1. Diligence – how hard you work?
  2. Persistence – For how long will you work to achieve your goal?
  3. Understanding – Can you listen to others problem?
  4. Confrontation – Do you have problems comforting adversaries?
  5. Public Speaking – Can you stand in front of crowds and talk to them?
  6. Problem Solving – Are you able to find appropriate solutions?
  7. Role Model – What people look up to you and your values?
  8. Disposition – Are you easy to get along with it?
  9. Flexibility – Can you change your schedule according to group majority?

10. Ambition – Do you ever settle for mediocrity? 11. Organization – can you keep a schedule for you and your followers? 12. Punctually – Are you on time for your appointments? 13. Loyalty – Do you dropout of programs or change notes? 14. Street Wise – Can you hold your own voice in the real world? 15. Versatility – Are you a jack of all trades or a master of none? DSC02757


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